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Candles made

simple pure honest for you.

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Delight Your Senses

Elevate your ambience with candles inspired by the richness of nature, where each flame kindles the essence of escapades untold.

Exquisitely Crafted Scents

Cherry Rosé

Neroli & Ylang Ylang

Lychee & Green Tea

Cognac & Vanilla

Mint & Rosemary

It’s Artisanal

Meticulously hand-poured in the quiet, sunlit corners of our Kuala Lumpur studio. Guided by craft and whispers of the muses, no two candles are identical.

Natural & Vegan Friendly

Candles forged from the essence of the coconut & soy, kissed by the sun, and nurtured by the rain. Free from the shadows of sulfates and phthalates, each flame burns with the heart of the vegan spirit, a tribute to the planet and the lives we share it with.

Unique Scents

From bustling spice markets to serene cherry blossoms, our fragrances are a passport to the corners of imagination. Here, in the fusion of essence and artistry, we invite you to find your own story, your own escape.